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Labrador among all other dogs is distinguished by one property: his soul and heart
are such that his earthly purpose is to bring joy to a man.

Kennel of Labrador Retrievers "Terra Natale"

Welcome to the site of the nursery of Labradors "Terra Natale" who breeds and promotes high-breed dogs of remarkable breed - Labrador Retriever.
Are you looking for a healthy, beautiful and excellent grown Labrador puppy? or you just came to meet us, read articles and watch videos, we are happy to say to you - Welcome to the world of Labradors "Terra Natale"!

Sincerely, the owner of the nursery, Litvinenko Natalia!

Nursery "Terra Natale"
Owner: Litvinenko Natalia
Ukraine, Kharkov
e-mail: terranataleladrador@gmail.com
тел.: +38 (050) 415 39 99

We all want to have a devoted friend. And who can have such a quality as a Labrador? The desire to start it from time to time occurs in almost every person. The reasons for this may be different: loneliness, a pet for a child, an assistant in a hunt, a guard for housing. Depending on the goal, it is worthwhile to carefully choose.

The most famous breed in its dedication and hard work is considered to be Labrador Retriever. It floats beautifully and was previously used by fishermen to pull out nets. Today it can be found in different areas of our life. They are looking for explosives and drugs, help the disabled, excellent hunters. In this dog mind, beauty, dexterity, obedience, benevolence, sensitivity and other positive qualities are combined.

It can be safely attributed to the leaders on the criteria for the selection of a pet. Children often ask to buy a dog, but parents stop themselves from the fact that it can be aggressive. But you can not worry. This is not the case. She gets along well with children, is friendly with other animals. Despite the fact that it is suspicious of strangers, the first will never attack. Canine experts say that it is enough to simply train. The most important thing is to show her your love and affection.

Believe me, if you decide to start a dog, then you simply will not find a better option. He will be to you not only a faithful friend, comrade, but also support in difficult moments. After all, it is characteristic of a sense of empathy. His playfulness will help to brighten up your even the most sad moments of life.

Representatives of labrador nursery "Terra Natale" have a large number of awards. They have not once participated in exhibitions and shows. We devote a large amount of attention and time to preparing broods. The specialists of our center monitor the health of our pets and make all the necessary manipulations. After all, it is proper care and nutrition that allows a dog to live and develop fully. Choosing a true friend from us, you will make the right decision, as we will try to satisfy all your requests. And remember that getting a dog is quite a responsible matter. No wonder A. Saint-Exupery said: "We are responsible for those who have tamed." But this is not a reason to abandon our plans. If you have any doubts, then you can visit nursery of labradors "Terra Natale" and look at our pupils live. And be sure that they will not leave you indifferent and you will not leave us without a new friend!