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Pregnancy in dogs

On average, pregnancy in dogs lasts 62 days.
However, the owner of the dog should be aware that this is a very average time.
Normal delivery is considered to be from the 58th day to the 64th day.

Pregnant Bitch Calendar

1 day - The first day of mating. 48 hours after the first mating, the dog must be re-mated. Repeated mating done after this period of time increases the chances of fertilization.

15-22 day - The dog's nipples begin to pink and grow a little. The hair on the stomach and around the nipples is thinning (getting thinner).

21-28 day - There may be morning sickness - this is due to hormonal changes or stretching and swelling of the uterus. Bitch may seem slightly apathetic. It happens that she refuses to eat, for some time she may periodically feel sick. In this case, the bitch should be fed a variety of food during the day. Your vet may advise you to use pills to relax the uterus.

26-30 day - Experienced people (breeders and veterinarians) can determine by careful palpation that the bitch is pregnant. During this period, the embryos are similar to hard nuts, and they are easy to count.

Day 29 - Start increasing your diet. Do not overfeed, overweight is harmful. The fruit is already formed and looks like a fully developed small dog.

35 day - The bitch’s belly gets wider.

45 day - It is very easy to feel puppies now, it’s much harder to find them.

48-56 day - The bitch begins to devote more time to licking herself. Her breasts become more swollen. She may become more restless and start looking for a suitable place for puppies.

50 day - A dog may lose his appetite. Her belly can be completely filled with puppies. It is better to feed in small portions throughout the day. You can easily feel the movement in the abdomen.

50-65 day - The nipples and the loop should be gently washed with warm water, you can trim the hair around the nipples to make it easier for the pups to suck.

60-63 day - Milk discharge from the nipples (colostrum) may appear.

61 days - You can begin to measure the rectal temperature of the dog every morning and evening.

64 day - 12-24 hours before delivery, rectal temperature can drop from 38.33 to 36.66 ° С. Light loops are possible from the loop.

65 day - The expected day of puppy appearance. Of course, this is only about. Childbirth can occur from 59 to 65 days. Puppies that were born earlier than 58 days are most likely to be unviable.

Methods for diagnosing pregnancy in Labrador

1. The presence of pregnancy can be determined using the characteristic signs listed in the calendar of the pregnant bitch.

2. Ultrasound examination is performed on the 21-24 day of pregnancy. On the screen of the ultrasound device, amniotic bubbles with embryos inside are clearly visualized. In order to predict the course of pregnancy and assess the vitality of the fetus, an ultrasound examination is best carried out at later stages of pregnancy.

3. It is possible to diagnose early pregnancy with the help of laboratory tests - a comprehensive serum test for the hormone relaxin.

4. Doctors of veterinary care recommend in the later stages of pregnancy (7 weeks), especially with large litters, x-ray examination. During this period of pregnancy, the number of puppies is determined more accurately.

Diet and exercise of a pregnant bitch In the first half of pregnancy, the dog has no specific dietary requirements, but it must be fully balanced with the addition of vitamin-mineral supplements.

During pregnancy, the metabolism changes, the need for energy increases, so a proper, balanced diet is necessary for the well-being of the mother and fetuses. A newborn puppy, up to "weaning", is fed by the mother's nutrients and if the emerging fetus lacks the nutrients, then it "selects" them from the mother. If the diet of your "girl" is made up of dry food - go on food for pregnant and lactating dogs, add folic acid, this will be enough to provide your dog with all the nutrients.

If a dog eats natural products, then it is necessary to add vitamin and mineral complexes to the diet, because the need for vitamins during this period increases 2-2, 5 times.

Vitamin-mineral complexes for pregnant and lactating bitches are best suited.

In the second half of pregnancy, it is especially necessary to carefully monitor the necessary intake of the main building substances (proteins, minerals) into the body of a puppy dog. during this period of pregnancy, there is an increased growth of the fruits and their need for nutrients involved in the formation of the puppy's body increases. Nutrients entering the body of a dog must replenish not only the costs of the body of a pregnant dog, but also the requirements of the emerging fruits.

In the second half of pregnancy, the uterus of the puppy dog is significantly increased in size, which does not allow the bitch to absorb the previous amount of feed for one feeding and fill the entire stomach. During this period, it is necessary not only to increase the caloric and nutritional value of a pregnant dog, but also to increase its fragmentation, i.e. It is necessary to feed the dog 3 times a day, and 2 weeks before giving birth - 4 times, but in smaller portions. Try not to worry your “girl” in vain, you shouldn’t take her in a car for a long time, and visit your dog.

In no case do not let your pet jump from a height. Raise the "Mommy" should be carefully and slowly, supporting the torso from the bottom and hugging him. However, short walks and normal dog hygiene should be observed, but be short and gentle (as a pet).

During pregnancy in the warm season, well when the bitch walks in the sun, the dog's body under the action of ultraviolet produces vitamin D, which is necessary in the metabolism of minerals, with vitamin D is absorbed much more from calcium. It is very important that when the fruit is tied up (up to 20 days after mating), the bitch does not have a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin E.

Folic acid is abundant in the green parts of plants. Perhaps the richest source are fresh raspberry leaves, if not, it can be replaced with dried ones. Raspberry leaves can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepare yourself in the spring and summer. It is best to collect the leaves in late May - early June.

There is also a lot of folic acid in green asparagus, broccoli, all kinds of greens.

Vitamin E.

The richest source of vitamin E is sprouted wheat grains. It is also a lot in raw yolk.

It is better to take the quail egg yolk, it exceeds the chicken content several times in the content of vitamins.

There is vitamin E and in vegetable oil. It is necessary to grind everything finely on a blender, the dogs' stomach is not adapted to the splitting of fiber. The mixture should be immediately ready for easy digestibility.

When grinding, you need to add a little water to make the consistency of liquid porridge.

Then you can add it to the curd or add to the sliced meat.

Hygiene of a pregnant Labrador dog

Hygienic care for a pregnant dog includes daily inspection of the pet, wool cleaning, skin monitoring. In the second half of pregnancy, a puppy dog may experience mucous secretions from the birth canal, which it usually licks, but if it does not do it on its own, it is recommended to wash the secretions with clean water. However, two weeks before the birth the dog should not be washed any more.

If your dog has not been de-wormed before breeding, now this process will have to be postponed for two weeks after giving birth. Even during the preparation of the dog for mating, avoid the use of drugs, and a pregnant dog is prescribed only by a doctor at the very least. Do not allow the dog to communicate with stray animals.

Take it with understanding to the possibility of a pet to do "their own affairs" by chance at home, because in the last term of pregnancy it will be quite difficult for her to tolerate and wait for a walk.

Do not scold and do not punish her for the late bladder emptying. By the time your dog should be puffed up, it is necessary to prepare in advance a comfortable, quiet and warm place, without drafts, with convenient access.

Your pet should get used and nestle in it. A dog begins to prepare for whelping within 24 hours, the temperature drops by 1-2 degrees, she withdraws, looks for a place for herself, digs it, and often even refuses her favorite food. It is advisable that a veterinarian be present during the birth and, if necessary, could take emergency measures.