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What if the dog was poisoned by a doghunter? First aid!

The cold season is a particularly dangerous time for stray dogs: they are hungry, and doghunters scatter poisoned food. The most common remedy is isoniazid. This drug is not harmful to humans, because freely sold in pharmacies. However, in certain doses, it is lethal for dogs. Including pets, because they walk in the same place as homeless people!

Read this post, stand up, go to the pharmacy and buy all of the above:

- 2 packs of 5% solution of PIRIDOXIN HYDROCHLORIDE. (2 packs of 10 ampoules of 1 ml each);

- 2 large syringes (10 ml each);

- 4 packs of activated carbon;

- Enterosgel;

- 2 enemas (syringes): one for rectal, the other for oral use;

- Furosemide or Lasix;

Why? In an emergency situation to be fully prepared.

Buy, define it all in a separate box / box, and take nothing from there.

Symptoms of poisoning:

The effect of the drug: it takes effect from 40 minutes to 2-3 hours after it enters the body, paralysis of the respiratory muscles occurs, the flow is accompanied by the release of foam from the mouth, excessive salivation, possibly from pain. The dog begins to lose coordination, her legs are weakened, she puts her around. Convulsions. Vomiting.

First, anxiety, heart-rending cry, vomiting, drooling, foam or foam with blood from the mouth, the animal runs without tearing down the road, falls and begins to cramp, knocks his teeth, pulls the whole body, as if stiffen, wheezes, throws back his head , a blue tongue falls out, a mouth opens wide, convulsions, it can jump up and run from place to place, then it falls again and everything repeats, and so from 40 minutes to 2 hours and more. A fatal outcome occurs on average in 4-5 hours, in some cases, a longer period is possible.

There is a specific antidote (antidote) for this drug: readily available PIRIDOXIN HYDROCHLORIDE preparation, also known as vitamin B6. Sold in ampoules in aptechak without a prescription.

If you suspect poisoning, it can and should be used preventively, i.e. before consultation with the vet (time is expensive !!!). This vitamin is non-toxic, even in large doses, so even if another poison is later confirmed - it will not be worse.

If you suspect poisoning, first of all 0.5 cups of vegetable oil is forced with an enema (syringe) or if you can, pour the oil directly into the mouth (note that dogs have no cheeks, and half will pour out).

Then Corvalol, depending on the size of the animal (for an average dog - 30 drops with a small amount of water). Pyridoxine hydrochloride, depending on the size of the animal, for the husky, for example, 2 ampoules (5% solution of Pyridoxine hydrochloride) immediately. After all this, milk diluted in half with water is unlimited for washing.

Milk can be replaced with any liquid in combination with diuretics.

The algorithm is as follows: (dosage is for an average dog weighing about 30 kilograms)

1. Induce vomiting (for example, drink saline solution - a tablespoon in a glass of water. You can pour milk with salt (half a tablespoon in a glass of milk) or read sodium chloride from the pharmacy (this is the same salt solution, sold in pharmacies in bottles).

2. Inject about 10 ml (i.e. 10 ampoules 1 ml each) in a large syringe 5% solution of pyridoxine hydrochloride intramuscularly (i.e. in one back leg as deep as possible) and repeat after 1.5-2 hours (in another back leg).

3. After vomiting, the adsorbents directly into the mouth (for example, coal at least 10 tablets. Diluted in half a glass of water or enterosgel: 2 tablespoons on an average dog immediately after another 3-4 hours and then 3 times a day for another 3-4 days.

4. Cleansing enema (should not be warm, it is better to be slightly colder than room temperature so that the gut shrinks a little and thus the absorption of poison in the gut worsens)

5. Give as much liquid as possible + diuretics (for example, furosemide or lasix 2 tablets of any drug)

6. And while the dog is sick, tearing, urinating - RUNNING TO THE VETERINAR !!!

Do not expect that everything can now work and it will come to an end, stop urinating and then we will go...

The veterinarian will supply an IV drip, will give supportive drugs for other organs of the dog, prescribe medications for the recovery period, etc. By the way, if the animal is prone to “vacuuming”, and you suspect that now in your area dogs are being poisoned with isoniazid, vitamin B6 can be given orally (that is, in the mouth) for prevention (and, in doses exceeding therapeutic), or administered intramuscularly (up to 10 ml per reception for an average dog).

If the animal is prone to allergies - you can not apply prophylactically, but at the slightest signs of poisoning - enter intramuscularly!

Next - deliver the dog to the clinic, and as soon as possible!

OK, TODAY !!!! go to the pharmacy and buy:

- 2 packs of 5% solution of PIRIDOXIN HYDROCHLORIDE. (i.e. 2 packs of 10 ampoules of 1 ml each)

- 2 large syringes (10 ml each)

- 4 packs of activated carbon

- Enterosgel

- 2 enemas (syringes): one for “entry” and another for “exit”

- furosemide or lasix

I don’t write about other poisons, the algorithm is about the same without delay, at the slightest suspicion: vomiting-washing-diuretics-veterinarian.

Print an ALGORITHM of actions calculated on your dog and put it all in a separate package or box and NEVER TAKE ANYTHING FROM THERE !!!