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Labrador Nursery Articles Terra Natale

Allergies in dogs

Allergy - a dog's life, or myths about chicken

Full nutrition of dogs natural food

Full nutrition of dogs natural food: Disputes about feeding dogs will always exist. The right of choice remains with the owner. It is only necessary to remember that the approach to the choice of feed must be individual.

Essential oils from mosquitoes and ticks

Summer and early autumn - it's time for mosquitoes, ticks and other blood-sucking insects. Where is it going to get rid of annoying "friends" from them? Essential oils from mosquitoes, aroma repellents, come to the rescue.

Milbemax - a drug for deworming cats and dogs, kittens and puppies (antihelminthic)

Milbemax - a drug for deworming cats and dogs, kittens and puppies (antihelminthic)

Drops from Fleas and Ticks for Dogs

Preparations from the company Novartis have proven themselves in the pet market, being an effective means to combat skin parasites in dogs of various sizes and breeds.

Interview with Tiina Rantanen - Strongline's Labradors

Kennel "Awidos" offers to read an interview with Tiina Rantanen (cattery "Strongline's")

Interview about Labradors with Anu Honkapirtti

Kennel "Awidos" together with the project "Labrador Online", offers to read a series of interviews with famous breeders.
01/30/14 an interview with Anu Honkapirtti (cattery "Mallorn's")

How to brush your dog's teeth?

Dog teeth care is an obligatory hygienic procedure, just as necessary as cleaning the ears and claws and eyes. Brushing your teeth will help prevent plaque from dogs and puppies, which, if not cleaned, can lead to gum disease and other serious health problems.

What if the dog was poisoned by a doghunter? First aid!

The cold season is a particularly dangerous time for stray dogs: they are hungry, and doghunters scatter poisoned food. The most common remedy is isoniazid. This drug is not harmful to humans, because freely sold in pharmacies. However, in certain doses, it is lethal for dogs. Including pets, because they walk in the same place as homeless people!

Labrador Retriever: Search and Rescue Dogs

How often do we hear about the heroic feats of people who saved lives from inevitable death. And very rarely think about the contribution of dogs in search and rescue activities.