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Problems of early socialization of dogs

Successful early socialization of dogs - one of the most important factors. Each breeder and owner of a dog must promptly answer for himself questions related to the upbringing and social adaptation of his pet.

Many breeders and dog owners believe that the temperament of their pet is a breed trait genetically incorporated. Of course, all dog breeds are more or less prone to different types of behavior.

However, the character of the dog can be partially adjusted, and it should be done at a very early age.

After all, the animal receives most of its information about the world and its impressions in the first months of its life. An important factor in this process is the early socialization of the dog. Ensuring close contact with humans and other animals contributes to the formation of an emotionally balanced and obedient character in the puppy, and also determines the further behavior of the dog. The webinar "Problems of early socialization of dogs" will help you answer questions about socialization, the stages of development of temperament and social behavior of your pet, as well as explain how imprinting occurs in animals.

What should be communication with a puppy at a very early age will tell Karapetiyants Konstantin Germanovich - the rector of the First Professional Dog Training Institute, Ph.D., professor, expert in training and working qualities, as well as a sports judge with dogs.