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Labrador therapist

Souls heal, diseases "take off", delight and attract something positive to themselves, creating an atmosphere of goodness, love, understanding and fullness of life...

Perhaps, the notion “dog therapist” embeds the property of animals with immediate, “natural” contact (visual, tactile, through movement) to make life easier for children diagnosed with “cerebral palsy”, “autism”, adults who are doomed to be disabled, to the painful and inevitable care ... "These dogs give people great joy. They, especially Labradors, love their work - they visit hospitals, shelters, nursing homes, and orphanages. Communication of a dog with a sick person has a phenomenal effect on him. ”Therapy for children with autism brings even more powerful and unexpected results: the emotions and skills that appear when contacting one dog are fixed from class to class and, subsequently, transferred to other animals, and then to the people. An autistic child who told a small, if incongruous, tale after a New Year tree with the participation of a dog as a therapist!