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Seminar - Methodology of judging in the FCI and AKC system

The seminar was organized by the Russian Federation of Hunting Dogs and the National Dachshund Breed Club.
The technique of refereeing in the FCI and AKC system (Moscow, 01.27.2013). Consists of IV parts.

Experts answer the questions:
Horst Kliebensten (Germany) - International expert FCI from Germany with the right to judge dogs of all breeds. Since 1998, Horst Klibenstein has been heading the judging committee of the International Canine Federation FCI.
Frank Sabella (USA) is an international expert at AKC-FCI. In recent decades, Frank Sabella has been actively judging around the world, including in the FCI system. In addition, he is the author of one of the best textbooks on hendling and the owner of many honorary awards and titles (“Handler of the Year among Men” according to the Kennel Review, Man of the Year in Cynology according to the Gaines FIDO, etc.).
Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico) - International FCI Judge from Puerto Rico. An expert since 1984 and has the right to judge all breeds of dogs. Mr. De Santiago is more than 50 years old in cynology since 1960! For 8 years he worked in the FCI Standards Commission. Since 1999, he has been a member of the FCI Committee. In May 2013 Rafael De Santiago was elected head of the FCI, in connection with this, he is likely to gradually cease his judicial activities.
Edd Bivin (United States) - AKC Judge. He is well versed in various breeds and always explains why he preferred one or the other dog. He is well versed in anatomy and movements.
Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (Germany) - at the moment she is one of the most authoritative and most sought after FCI judges in all breeds, valued for her competent, rigorous, but true expertise. In addition to cynological sports, Ms. Assenmakher calls traveling, reading, horses and, of course, maintaining flight practice, among her life hobbies. She is the first woman in Germany to be a licensed jet pilot, which, in fact, was her main profession for a number of years.
Claudio De Giuliani (Italy) - He is a member of the judging committee of the Italian Kennel Club, a representative of the Italian Kennel Club at the Italian Drathaar Club, and also responsible for the purity of the tribal book. He has written over 10 books on cynology issues and publishes articles in popular Italian cynological magazines. Now most of the time he devotes to hunting, traveling and judging dogs. Judged golden retrievers at the World Dog Show 2010, Judged World Championships, Europe and Cruft's.